AVG Antivirus – Does It Still Have What it Takes in 2021?

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It is fairly difficult to secure your data online and it becomes even harder when you don’t have any antivirus software in place. But once you’ve felt the need for some kind of protection, you quickly realize that there are so many antivirus applications available on the market that it’s extremely hard to choose the one for you. We have put together this detailed review that will help you to understand if AVG is a good option for you. So, without further ado, let’s check out this cybersecurity veteran.

AVG Antivirus Overview


AVG has started its journey in the early 90s in the Czech Republic, and with time, it became super popular and currently retains more than 200 million users. It protects most devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android OS. In 2016, Avast acquired AVG but kept its products and teams separately because both of them have a good grip on their respective markets, and merging the products didn’t seem like a viable idea at the time. 

AVG offers three main packages, including a free option. Let’s see what each one of them has to offer to help you to choose the one that meets your requirements.

AVG Packages

Free AVG Antivirus

Whenever you have a chance, we recommend going with a paid version because it will provide advanced protection against a greater variety of threats that keep popping up every day.

But, with all honesty, AVG’s free product is a good one. It provides you with essential protection against malware for both Windows and macOS-based devices.

Here’s what you’re going to get with AVG Free:

  • AVG stops known malware, ransomware, and spyware
  • It will scan your device for performance issues
  • Free updates
  • Blocks malicious links, downloads and email attachments.

 AVG provides basic protection, but it lacks some important security features like VPN, firewall, safe browser and anti-phishing features. Fortunately, you can get it all with a paid version. 

AVG Internet Security

This package is available for Windows, Mac, and Android users and offers multiple layers of security to fight malware. Apart from protecting the computer against potential threats, it also safeguards drives associated with the computer and webcam.

With this package, you will get everything from the free package plus:

Remote Access Shield

This feature protects your device from vulnerabilities associated with remote desktop access. It blocks all the remote connection attempts that you didn’t approve; those from high-risk IP addresses and those that are trying to use remote desktop exploits to get to protected computers.

Enhanced Firewall

Enhanced Firewall is a feature in AVG Internet Security that monitors all network traffic between your PC and the outside world to protect you from unauthorized communication and intrusions. This feature is designed to require minimal input from you.

Security Shop&Bank

AVG offers a safe browser that allows you to shop and visit your banking apps safely.

On top of that, it blocks fake websites, phishing emails and spam. You’ll also get 24/7 qualified customer support.

AVG Ultimate


In this package, you will get all the features of AVG Internet Security plus the Secure VPN for multiple devices.

AVG Security Features at a Glance


There are several scanning options available with AVG:

Deep scan allows you to thoroughly check the system, but it can be time-consuming. The best part of this feature is the inclusion of removable devices which means you can detect and remove the potential threats from those.

Smart scan checks the most important system folders and areas subject to vulnerabilities but doesn’t go through your user files which means it’s faster than a deep scan but still efficient.

File/Folder Scan lets you scan selected folders and files. It works perfectly if you just downloaded something from the Internet and are not sure about the folder’s safety.

AVG also provides Boot-Time Scan. The way it works is it goes through your computer even before a startup and catches malware before it’s launched and has done any damage.

Performance Scan searches for useless data, clutter and duplicate files to free up some space on your device and allow you to enjoy your device’s full potential.


Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to a PC because attackers encrypt files and folders and ask for money for decryption. After seeing the rise of ransomware, AVG launched an advanced layer of security aimed to tackle that kind of issue.

The anti-ransomware feature prevents untrusted applications from running on the computer. If you go with the Strict mode, it will ask your permission for any kind of modification to your files. Files that AVG protects your archives, videos, music and other data from being encrypted.

The advanced firewall feature provided by AVG also plays an important role in preventing ransomware attacks. The firewall keeps an eye on your web activity and if it identifies any suspicious activity or malicious links, it immediately blocks them.

Real-time Protection

Scanners help to find and disarm malicious software that was able to penetrate your computer. Real-time protection is what helps to prevent it from getting to your device in the first place! AVG’s real-time protection is based on AI, works smoothly and doesn’t slow down your computer much.

Payment Protection

AVG secures your valuable credentials from being compromised. It protects you from entering fake websites and will not let you to go to malicious links. On top of that, AVG offers a secure browser (with paid packages) to make sure that all your online financial activities are safe and sound.

What other special features does it offer?

Now you are well aware of AVG and its security features, but there are many more you can find in the AVG’s box such as anti-theft, battery-saver, AI detection, turbo scan, Link Scanner Wi-Fi guard, and many more. 

File shredder is also a great feature brought by AVG. The thing is, when you move your files to recycle bin and even empty it, it doesn’t mean that these files are gone. File shredder prevents unauthorized users to recover the deleted files from your disk.

Is AVG Antivirus a Good Anti-Phishing Solution?

Phishing is a common way to trick users into clicking on questionable links or go to fake websites to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Typically, phishing is conducted through emails.

 According to AV-Comparatives Anti-Phishing Certification 2021, AVG was able to identify 96% of newly discovered phishing threats which is a great result considering those threats emerge every single day.

To learn more about the test, check out the full report here.

Does it protect against malware?

Yes, AVG antivirus protects the computer against malware. It offers multiple security layers and acts as a barricade to stop malware from doing any damage. AVG has multiple security layers that accompany one another so that even if malware was able to bypass the firewall, real-time protection will catch it and so on.

 Here are some malware detection test results from reputable labs:

AV-Comparatives (Australian cybersecurity testing lab)

They have introduced 736 versatile up-to-date treats and AVG was able to identify 735 of them, which is a great result as you can see compared to other tested providers.

However, AVG also had some false positives, which means that it may block some legitimate websites. The good news is that you can manually whitelist websites that you’re 100% sure you can trust.

Another infamous testing lab, AV-TEST gave AVG max score in terms of usability, performance and malware detection.

AVG Privacy Features

AVG understands the value of privacy and thus offers Data Shield and VPN features to its users. The data shield protects valuable data from hackers. The VPN enables the users to hide their footprints while performing web activities. AVG Secure Browser gives you the Do Not Track tool and using the same, you can request the browser not to track you.

Moreover, while browsing you fetch various data on the website and that may become a problem in the future. AVG secure browser wipes the browser fingerprints and leaves no marks.

In AVG antivirus, you will get an anti-theft feature that will help you to regain your device when it is lost or stolen. The password vault is an amazing feature that gives you the best place to keep your passwords safe and secure.

Are There Any Other Features You Should Be Aware Of?

Yes, there are still some features in AVG antivirus and you must be aware of that for the smooth operation of PC. AVG provides a SafePrice browser extension that supports Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. It monitors your shopping activities done on the browser and once found the best deal, then it will notify you.

Moreover, if you are dependent on the web browser, then you must go with AVG Online Security browser extension that supports, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Using this extension, you can secure your browsing activities and can prevent phishing attacks. The additional feature on Online Security Browser is blocking the trackers that will help you to perform the task efficiently without any annoying ads on the websites.

Does AVG Antivirus have many security holes?

Although we have tested all the features of this AVG Antivirus, we haven’t seen any major or minor security loopholes in the AVG products. The software is well-designed and it is quite sufficient to protect you from any malware, ransomware, or potential threats without hampering your computer’s performance.

Moreover, it offers an enormous amount of features to keep your device completely safe such as Secure Browser, Anti-theft, Password Vault, Turbo Scan, Link Scanner, and many more. All these utilities are perfectly designed to keep you safe online.

What does AVG Antivirus cost?

AVG antivirus offers three plans: Free, AVG Internet Security, and AVG Ultimate. In the first plan (free) you don’t have to spend a single penny as it is completely free and with limited features, you can secure your computer.

In the AVG Internet Security plan, you will have to spend $20.99 for the first year and is applicable for one PC or one Mac. However, if you go for the protection of 10 devices, then the cost will be $26.99 for the first year.

In the AVG Ultimate plan, you will get the comprehensive security features just at $35.99 for the first year for 10 devices. Moreover, if there is a festive season, you can get a big discount and the product will be available even at a cheaper price.

What about the payment options of AVG Antivirus?

The payment options differ as per the regions, but the most common ways are Credit Card, PayPal, and Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Online banking, and Money Order.

Is it slowing down your computer?

No, it does not, but some users who are accessing free AVG products claim that their computer has got slower. There are multiple potential reasons why any antivirus product can slow your device down. If that’s the case, we recommend checking out this article. Some of the most common reasons are conflicting software and outdated software (maybe, you k=just need to update your Windows!) 

Rather than that, AVG is generally pretty good when it comes to performance.

For instance, AV-Comparatives gave AVG Advanced+ score for its performance, meaning it’s as good as it gets.

Is it as good for Mac as it is for Windows?

Users tend to think that Mac isn’t vulnerable to any threats whatsoever. They’re partially right since macOS-based computers are safer than Windows-based ones by default. Unfortunately, in the past few years, hackers came up with tons of Mac-specific threats that can bypass built-in mac protection.

AVG for macOS-based computers is as good as it is for Windows OS ones. It offers an advanced security layer system to protect Mac devices and the features are absolutely unbelievable. Moreover, it protects you against phishing attacks as well as ransomware by blocking malicious URL links.

If you are a Mac user and using AVG antivirus, then you can access web activities without any fear of hackers. Its email protection features as well as Secure Browser extension protect your data amid online activities.

AVG is also available for free of cost for Mac, but with limited features. However, if you want an advanced security solution package, then you can go with the premium one. In the AVG Internet Security package, you will get ample features, a few of them are Mac Scanner, File Scanner, Real-time protection, and Firewall.

 According to AV-Comparatives, AVG was able to detect 100% of Mac-specific threats.

Does AVG Antivirus support mobile devices?

Yes, AVG Antivirus supports Android devices so that the users can safely roam in the digital world. It protects you from malware and prevents hackers to access your mobile data.

In the AVG Antivirus Pro version, you will get advanced features and one such is the snapping of a picture of the users who failed to unlock your smartphone. The anti-theft will help you to get your lost or stolen cell phone.

However, there is no iOS-specific app. There’s a belief that it’s not necessary because of built-in security features.

What can we say about the AVG Antivirus technical and customer support?

The company offers customer support services based on the products, i.e., premium or free ones. AVG provides a knowledge base that is loaded with the answers to the questions asked by the previous users. On top of that, the forum section where you can seek the answer related to the issue is available.

For premium users call, live chat and email support options are available. The staff is well trained and resolves issues in no time.

AVG Antivirus’s pros and cons analysis

AVG Pros

  • The lab test result is awesome and it secured the top rank in the antivirus field.
  • The interface is user-friendly and most of the features are easily accessible.
  • The packages are perfectly filtered, giving the users many options to choose the one that meets their requirements.
  • It performs the task in the background and prevents malware or other threats to access your computer without affecting its performance.

AVG Cons

  • AVG antivirus is not supportive for iOS as it offers only a VPN feature.
  • In most cases, the features of AVG are the replica of Avast. So, if you are happy with Avast, then no need to go for AVG.

Do we recommend it?

Yes, we recommend AVG antivirus to protect the computer or mobile gadgets from malware, ransomware, and other dangerous threats. The security features are best in a class and this has been proven in the lab test result. The score secured by the AVG in the lab tests is amazing and it beats the leading antivirus products. Moreover, AVG secures mobiles also that means with one antivirus software, you can safeguard your computer as well as mobile (depend upon the package). So, you can go with AVG antivirus to block the potential threat to access your computer.

Are you looking for AVG Antivirus alternatives?

If you are looking for other options for AVG, then you must go through the lab test score because the result will give you a clear idea to choose the best one. For instance, in the malware protection test, Webroot SecureAnywhere secured 10 out of 10 points and this proves that this software is quite capable to take one hand against any malware.

Moreover, if you go with the Phishing test score, then you will find that F-Secure and McAfee retain the top position on the leaderboard.

However, if you go with the SE-test report, you will notice that Windows Defender and Norton got AAA ratings the same as AVG. But in the AV-Comparatives test, Bitdefender is the winner.

So, these are all the best alternatives for AVG and as per the score they are; Webroot SecureAnywhere, Bitdefender, McAfee, Norton, and Windows Defender.

Most common questions about AVG Antivirus

Here, you will find some common questions related to AVG and this information will help you know what the users are thinking about this product. So, let’s begin the journey and have a glance at few most asked questions of AVG.

Why do you need an antivirus for your computer?

In this digital era, online theft has significantly increased and due to the same, the security of data has become a prime concern among users. So, at this point, antivirus plays a crucial role and meets all the security demands of the users.

AVG Antivirus Advanced Issues

With time, the fraud activities have also increased and fraudsters are using many sources to steal your data as well as bank credentials such as phishing, ransomware, and others. So, you need some advanced tools that can fight modern malware and can tackle the potential threats. So, this tool is the antivirus and thus it has become very much important for users to use this software to safeguard the computer.

How can you delete AVG Antivirus?

Process to Uninstall AVG

The uninstall process is very simple and it is similar to other apps on Windows. If you are not comfortable with AVG, then go through the steps provided below to remove it from your computer.

AVG Uninstall Window
  • Press the Start menu, type Control Panel in the search bar, and hit the Enter key.
  • In the next window, you will get some Windows applications, click on Programs.
  • Here, you will get the list of the installed applications on your computer, navigate for AVG, select the same and then click on the Uninstall button located at the top of the menu bar. Also, you need to repeat the same process for removing AVG secure Browser, as it is installed automatically on your PC along with the AVG setup.
  • Thereafter, the AVG window will appear on the screen with 4 options and you need to click on the Uninstall button.
  • Further, it will ask you to answer some quick survey questions, just provide the asked info and wait for a few minutes to complete the AVG delete process. Once it is done, you should restart your computer to save the changes.

So, should you trust the virus scanning by AVG Antivirus?

AVG Antivirus Deep Scan Feature

Yes, you must trust the virus scanning feature of AVG because it offers a smart scan that removes the potential viruses from the core applications. Moreover, I am also satisfied with the deep scan result, because it thoroughly scanned my computer and removed the malware, and blocked the unwanted applications.

Are AVG’s products legit?

Yes, AVG’s products are completely legit and safe to use. If you have any doubt about the product, then you can go for the free version, and once satisfied, then you can choose any premium plans. All the plans are trustworthy and give all the features that are listed on its official website.

Is it really free?

Free and Premium AVG Plan Features

Yes, it is completely free but you will get limited features. However, these features are self-sufficient to protect your computer against malware, and other threats. The AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate are the premium plans and you need to spend money while purchasing the same.

Why do you need AVG Antivirus for Android?

The soft target of the hacker is the Android phone because the inbuilt security of such phone is weaker and can be easily accessed by them. So AVG antivirus becomes the need for Android users. The AVG offers ample features to the Android users such as app lock, device lock, Camera Trap, and many more.

Do you need it if you use an iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, then you can’t go with AVG because it does not offer security features. However, if you want a VPN service for your iPhone, then you can select AVG.

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