Bitdefender Antivirus Review – Is it Truly The Best in 2021?

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The Bitdefender Antivirus Solution is a global leader in providing powerful high-class Cybersecurity to all types of devices while protecting customers’ privacy. It provides innovative and high-end security solutions to emerging cyber threats without compromising the system’s speed and performance.  Bitdefender is a top player in advanced persistent threat protection as per market quadrat report 2021. This article will put all those statements to test and find out how good their protection really is. Bitdefender is a cybersecurity company with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. It has branches in the USA, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Here are some of the important features Bitdefender provides:

  • 100% threat detection to stop the malware (Check out the lab test results section to see for yourself);
  • Real-time protection from viruses, and other malicious software;
  • It offers multi-layers, advanced ransomware protection to protect your files and folders;
  • It provides a secure VPN to maintain your online privacy;
  • A parental control feature is provided to save kids from online misleads.

Bitdefender Bottom Line

Bitdefender is truly a gem. With 20 years of experience in providing top-notch security solutions for home protection, they were able to keep their prices pretty low. The vendor constantly wins various awards from cybersecurity-testing labs for its uncompromising security and top-grade performance. We love how easy to use and reliable Bitfender is. Another great thing is that the free version of their product is also available for both Windows and macOS.The test results are shockingly good. However, there are a couple of things that could be approved, like limited VPN protection and lack of identity theft protection features. Now is time to take a deep dive into Bitdefender’s features and see if it’s the right cybersecurity solution for you.

What are the Key Features of Bitdefender?

Malware Protection

Results of Real-World Protection Report conducted February-May 2021 (AV-Comparatives)

Bitdefender antivirus provides multi-layered protection and saves all the devices from existing and new malware threats. The best part of Bitdefender’s protection is the cloud feature, as most of the work is done there, which essentially means that it doesn’t affect the computer’s performance. Bitdefender is hands-down the best antivirus product on the market when it comes to protection against viruses and other malicious software. It’s been proven by various respected testing labs. For example, AV-Comparatives’s Real-Life Protection Report states that Bitdefender was the best provider overall. Bitdefender was able to identify 735 out of 736 threats with no false positives, which is outstanding. To read more about the way AV-Comparatives test software and the details of this particular report – check out this website.

AV-TEST Protection Analysis 2021 To detect and eliminate threats that were able to penetrate your device, Bitdefender offers three main scanning options: Quick Scan, System Scan and Custom Scan.

Quick Scan

This type of scan fairly quickly goes through your computer’s most vulnerable areas like downloads, temporary files and mail downloads to make sure that you stay safe in between system scans.

System Scan

It scans your entire system and removes all kinds of malware, viruses, and potential threats from your computer. However, the deep scan will take a lot of time, and the estimated scanning duration is around an hour. It’s still faster than most of the competitors.

Custom Scan

Here, you will get an opportunity to scan selected files that you think might have got infected.

Time Machine Protection

This feature protects the files from encryption by ransomware. When ransomware attacks a device, it encrypts files like photos, videos, documents, etc., and makes them unusable. To get them back, you’d need to pay some amount to those who planted that software. This feature creates an additional layer of security for system backups and blocks access to any external source that tries to tamper with your backups.

Parental Control

Parental Control helps parents track children’s online activity and keeps them safe online This feature is available in most OS such as Windows, Mac, and Android, but there’re some differences among those apps.

How Does Bitdefender Maintain my Privacy?

Bitdefender Antivirus software respects customers’ privacy and protects the personal information of customers through multiple tools explained below.

Adware blocker

Junk ads popping up on screen create disturbance and affect your work performance, and I guess we can all agree they are simply annoying. Sometimes, they also have adware infections aimed to infect your device. Bitdefender has an Adware blocker to stop these unwanted ads and let you enjoy the device’s full potential.

Cross-Platform Malware detection

It is designed to protect one type of device from the malicious content of another type of device. So you can safely transfer files in between various devices.

Traffic Light (Browser Extension)

It uses artificial intelligence to filter out unnecessary and inappropriate links even before you are browsing. So you never open harmful websites.  

Bitdefender VPN

VPN is designed to allow you to connect to the Internet through a secure tunnel. It encrypts all the internet traffic to make sure no one can read your data even if they take a hold of it. Using Bitdefender VPN, you can digitally roam across 30 countries as you get a pass of 30 servers. But this feature is enclosed in the Bitdefender’s VPN premium plan, not in the basic one. The free version offers up to 200 MB/day, which is limited but pretty standard. The paid version offers unlimited data for up to 10 devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a kill switch feature that means that you still can access the internet even if the connection with a VPN server was interrupted.


Bitdefender offers robust features to speed up your computer’s performance so that you can enjoy safe browsing without any interruptions. According to the AV-Comparatives Performance report from April 2021, Bitdefender provides Advanced+ Performance. It means that those features really work! Let’s take a closer look at what Bitdefender has to offer.


Its role is to act as a security advisor and give insights into the device’s security posture. It also recommends security options according to the needs and usage patterns of the device, so that you don’t have to think about it too much.

Bitdefender Photon

It’s a unique technology that adapts to your system’s hardware and software configuration to save computing resources and improve speed and performance.

Global Protective Network

Because most of the scanning takes place in the cloud, it frees up your computer resources to do whatever you want.

Game, Movie and Work Profiles

Bitdefender automatically assesses what type of work your device is performing and pauses unimportant background apps and halts pop-ups respectively.


It blocks the trackers, which collect the browsing data of each website you visit. It protects your data and enhances the performance of the device. This feature is available to premium users and supports multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. With the help of this feature, you can manage the tracking feature, which means you have control to select which websites can track you.   Using parental control, you can choose the websites you want to screen for your kids and fix the screen time. This will help you monitor the kids’ web activities and how much time they spend on certain websites.

What Features Does It Offer in Terms of Phishing Protection?

Phishing is a scam where scammers send fraudulent messages to victims to reveal important information to the attacker or inject malicious software on the victim’s device. Even though phishing was one of the most popular attacks in 2020, most antivirus vendors don’t possess a great set of features to fight those threats. Phishing attacks are getting sneakier and often look just like legitimate emails. According to AV-Comparatives Anti-Phishing Certification 2021, Bitdefender was able to block 87% of phishing links with 0 false positives. It’s not the greatest result, but it still has what it takes to make your online activity safer.

Can Bitdefender Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware is a virus software designed to block access to data on your device until some money is paid to the attacker. Bitdefender is designed to provide multi-layered protection against even the latest ransomware. That way, your data, photos, documents, audio, videos will be safe from such attacks. It works with the Advanced Threat Defense module to protect your most important files from encryption by ransomware.

How Good is Bitdefender at Malware Removal?

Bitdefender is a top-performer when it comes to removing malware. Bitdefender’s Shield scans the files and email attachments for the malware, and if found, it immediately removes it from your PC. It protects you in many ways against unwanted applications, network share, boot sectors, keyloggers, and others. The advanced technology of Bitdefender’s Real-Time Protection will instantly block the malware file and thus prevent you from accessing it. But in Bitdefender’s Shield, the Save button will turn gray, which likely represents that you should avoid such a file.

Additional Features of Bitdefender


  • It adjusts the network settings based on which network you are connecting to. It also makes your device by using “stealth mode.”
  • It protects Wi-Fi by analyzing threats for routers.
  • It protects the webcam and microphone by using a whitelist and blacklist of specific apps.
  • It protects the system from trackers using your data for malicious purposes.
  • Users have the option to adjust the settings based on usage manually.

Secure Web Browser

Bitdefender offers a web browser known as SafePay that secures your online activities, especially bank transactions. It prevents the attackers from stealing your valuable information and thus gives you complete online security. Using this browser, you can safely browse the websites and also can access an inbuilt VPN. If you are using a virtual keyboard, it will prevent keystroke tracking and thus secure your credentials. But in this browser, you can’t take a screenshot because the browser has an inbuilt screenshot blocker. Safe browsers have their downfalls, but we strongly recommend using them for online payments and visiting websites that contain sensitive data.

Password Manager

Are you tired of recovering your passwords from all those websites? We feel you. But storing your passwords in a browser isn’t always a good idea. That’s why Bitdefender offers a password manager. On top of that, it provides a separate password vault that helps you to arrange the passwords efficiently. Bitdefender’s password manager is a basic one, but it is sufficient to store and secure your passwords.

Other features

Bitdefender offers ample features such as Webcam protection, Anti-theft, File Shredder, Wi-Fi protection, and many more. In short, it provides all the essential utilities that are necessary to safeguard your computer against potential threats or malware. Bitdefender Total Security is the best option in the most advanced plan as it comprehensively covers 5 devices at a lower price when compared to alternatives.

Is It The Best Antivirus Program for Mac?

Yes, Bitdefender provides almost all the security features for Mac users. And what’s important at a reasonable price when compared to other security solutions. Bitdefender’s security solution for Mac offers the following features:

  • It provides immediate protection against malware.
  • It also blocks and removes the Adware.
  • To have fast and secure online, VPN is provided.
  • Time Machine Protection to have a back-up.

Overall, Bitdefender has been named the best antivirus product for Mac by multiple sources. For more information, check out this report.

Is Bitdefender Compatible with Android-based Devices?

Yes, Bitdefender provides security features for Android devices on par with the Windows and iOS systems. Bitdefender services for Android-based devices include:

  • It is applicable for both Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • To have a safe and fast online experience, a secure VPN is there.
  • Verification of email to respect the privacy of the customer.
  • There will be no/minimal battery drain.

Bitdefender Customer Support

Bitdefender’s Customer Support center is excellent and offers the following services:

  • Knowledge base
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Live chat support
  • Community support

Bitdefender is working very efficiently in above all services and responds to the customers without much delay. They also clarify all the doubts pleasantly, and the staff is knowledgeable. The knowledge base has a lot of information and provides solutions for almost every question you can possibly have. Overall, the Bitdefender customer support is helpful and knowledgeable.

Bitdefender Software: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Amazing virus-detection capabilities
  • It doesn’t slow down your computer
  • User-friendly and easy to manage
  • The price range is very reasonable for platforms
  • Great Privacy features


  • The free plan is limited in features and VPN is only nominal
  • It’s significantly slower when there’s no Internet connection (because of cloud technologies)
  • No VPN kill switch

How Much Does It Cost in 2021?

The cost varies based on the period you’re willing to commit. It is also varied based on the number of devices you are using. It ranges from $60 to $90 without having any discount.

How much do you need to pay for the package?

Regardless of the type of device you are going to purchase it, the prices for Windows PCs, macOS, iOS, or Android packages remain the same, which is unique.

  • Bitdefender AntiVirus Plus will cost you around $23 in a year after the discount to protect your one device.
  • You can protect up to 5 devices by paying the discounted price of around $36 per year for the Bitdefender Total Security Plan.
  • For purchasing a Bitdefender Internet Security plan to protect up to 3 devices, you need to pay around $32 per year after the discount.

Most Popular Bitdefender Alternatives

There are several viable alternatives on the market, but, honestly, Bitdefender has it all. If you go with the lab test result of AV-Comparatives, then Avira Security is best as it got three Advanced+ and one Advanced ratings. In AV-Test Institute, the antivirus applications are categorized into three parts, i.e., performance, protection, and usability, and each section retains 6 points. So, out of 18, F-Secure Antivirus and Trend Micro got 18 points, which means they are best in these three categories. In the SE Lab test result, Kaspersky and Norton are declared as the best antivirus. Now, compiling all three tests, Avast, Avira, and Kaspersky are the best alternatives to Bitdefender.

Users’ FAQs

Why do you need antivirus protection?

An unprotected device will attract many malicious viruses, and its security system will be destroyed. A system without an antivirus is like a bank without a door. Thieves will rob an open bank, and nothing will be left. In the same way, a device without antivirus will be robbed by attackers through malware, ransomware, phishing, etc. The secured antivirus software will keep the system in a healthy condition.

How can you remove Bitdefender from your computer?

If you want to remove Bitdefender from your computer, go through the standard methods as per your OS. However, uninstalling an antivirus is not recommended because you will lose the security layers, and the attack chances of malware or ransomware will be higher.

Steps to remove Bitdefender from a Windows 10 PC

  • Go to the Bitdefender Security folder.
  • There select the Uninstall option in the Bitdefender app.
  • It gives names of all the security services of Bitdefender like total security, Internet Security, Antivirus, etc. Now select Uninstall.
  • Now choose to Remove in the same window to remove the Bitdefender from your system permanently.
  • After this, restart your system.

Steps to remove Bitdefender from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

  • Select Uninstall a program in the Control Panel.
  • Select Bitdefender security product and click the Uninstall button.
  • In the same window, select Remove to delete the Bitdefender from your system permanently.
  • After this process, restart the system.

Steps to remove Bitdefender from Windows 7

  • Press the Start menu, type Control Panel in the search bar, and hit the Enter key.
  • Next, you will find the list of applications. Click on Programs.
  • Select a Bitdefender security product and click the Uninstall button.
  • In the same window, select Remove to delete the Bitdefender from your system permanently.
  • After this process, restart the system.

Note: If the removal process is not successful, then install the uninstall tool related to the Bitdefender and follow the above process.

Is it true that scanning slows down your computer’s performance?

Generally, the answer is yes, but with Bitdefender – not necessarily. It runs most of the scanning in the cloud, so you shouldn’t experience any hardships unless you don’t have an adequate internet connection. If the device has more than one security solution, then there might be compatibility issues. In that case, we don’t know which software is working and the performance of the device will be affected. If Bitdefender, for some reason, slows down your computer, we recommend checking out this guide.

Is Bitdefender a legitimate Software company?

Yes, it is. Bitdefender was established in 2001 and is working worldwide. It works with government institutions, enterprises, private organizations and provides innovative solutions to their problems and needs. In fact, 55% of Forbes Top-100 companies use Bitdefender as their cybersecurity solution. Bitdefender is working successfully and providing services on time with trust and dedication. It has over 1600 employees and a research team to provide sophisticated security solutions across the world.

Is there a free version of Bitdefender Antivirus?

Yes, a free version of Bitdefender antivirus software with limited features is available. It includes only an antivirus scanner for Windows, Mac, Android, and web protection for Windows. It is better to go for paid versions as they are offering a variety of features at a reasonable price. It also has the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee for all the plans.

Here is why you need Bitdefender for Android

Bitdefender is offering the most secured and advanced antivirus for Android devices. The setup is available for both mobile phones and tablets with bonus features like a VPN. It is easy to install, download and use on an Android device. It immediately reacts to malware attacks without compromising on speed and performance. It also protects personal data from cyber threats and respects your online privacy.

Is it necessary to install it on your Mac computer?

macOS computers are more secure than Windows-based ones by default. It doesn’t mean they’re bulletproof. These days the amount of new, advanced threats is overwhelming and many of them are developed specifically to attack Macs. So, a complete security solution is a must for a Mac, and Bitdefender covers all the essential utilities necessary to protect a Mac, such as Bitdefender Real-Time Protection, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Phishing, and many more. In fact, Bitdefender is considered to be the best antivirus product for Mac users. Bitdefender Total Security is the best option in the most advanced plan as it comprehensively covers 5 devices at a lower price when compared to alternatives.  

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